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  • Image of Cypress Bar SOLD!
  • Image of Cypress Bar SOLD!
  • Image of Cypress Bar SOLD!
  • Image of Cypress Bar SOLD!

Maclay School
Polo Under the Oaks
Silent Auction item -
Reclaimed Sinker Cypress and Spalted Sycamore Bar
See details below for purchase information.

From sunken log to treasures.
This bar measures 54" on the short side by 98" long, countertop is 24½" deep and it stands 44" high.
It can be used as a freestanding bar, though it is designed to butt the short end against a wall or a custom back bar.

Reserve price is $1500.
Pre-bids can be sent to ccsmith@maclay.org
Better yet, attend the event and enjoy the food and drink this venue offers and place your bid in person!

The Bald Cypress tree was cut at the turn of the 20th Century and the log is reclaimed from the Apalachicola River, near Blountstown. It is therefore, referred to as Sinker Cypress.
Bald Cypress is superior to Pond Cypress, which is more commonly seen in today's cypress furniture. Bald Cypress is truly rot resistant and is a more colorful wood than Pond Cypress.
Furthermore, there is a moratorium on cutting Bald Cypress, resulting in limited availability which is conservatively sourced from storm damaged or diseased trees and legally harvested logs from river bottoms.
The Sycamore framework was salvaged from tree service refuse in the area surrounding the Gadsden County Sheriff's Department radio broadcasting antenna.
Spalting is the result of allowing a log to age just long enough to grow fungus in the grain which stains the wood with the fantastic, wavy, black lines that give it so much visual character.

Based on today's market value, the raw milled materials used for this piece are worth:
Sinker Cypress boards $1,575
Spalted Sycamore shelves and frame $400


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